Bike portfolio

Bikes for everyday use

Whether you need a bike to go to work / school, take day trips around Prague or the countryside, this is the place to look for. We service, sell and rent commuter and second hand bikes of all sort. The bikes are mostly Czech or German brands (Author, Kellys, Leader Fox, ACStar, Hercules, Winora etc) and fully functional, although with visible signs of wear and tear. We buy and fix them to be safe, street legal and perfectly fit for everyday use.

Buy and try

If you´re interested in a particular bike, but first want to try it out properly, you can “rent” it for a number of days for CKZ 250-300 (or 10-12 Euros) per day. In case you decide not to keep the bike, we’ll reimburse your payment minus rental fee. If you like it, you just keep it.

Example: You buy a commuter bike for Czk 3500 (EUR 140), try it out for two days and decide not to keep it, you’ll get back Czk 3000; we’ll only keep Czk 500 (2×250) as rental fee. Of course, the bike needs to be clean and in good condition (no broken spokes, rims, lost or broken components).

This is what you are likely to find at the Bike Cave:

Hybrid or All Terrain Bikes

  • Example: Leader Fox Šumava (2017)
  • Aluminum frame
  • 28″ wheels
  • Shimano Alivio 3×9 speed

Prices in Czk

up to24 hrs48 hrsBuy
Czk250500from 5000

Commuter bikes

  • Example: Hercules City Cruiser (1990s)
  • CrMo steel frame
  • 28″ wheels
  • 1 x 7 speed

Prices in Czk

up to24 hrs48 hrsBuy
Czk 250500from 3000