Service and Maintenance

At the Bike Cave, we’re dealing with used bicycles and have a fully equipped workshop with special tools and some spare parts, too. If you need maintenance service for your bike or even a complete reconstruction, we’ll be happy to help.

Service includes

  • Brake adjustment
  • Rims, spokes, wheels
  • Hub maintenance (headsets etc.)
  • Gear adjustment (chain and hub gear systems)
  • Chain cleaning and maintenance


  • Basic service (brakes, gear shifting, chain/cassette/crank cleaning): Czk 550
  • Full service (basic + hubs, truing wheels, changing spokes, shifter / brake cables): Czk 950
  • Hourly rate mechanic: Czk 350 The rates do not include spare parts (spokes, chambers, brake pads etc). You can either buy the necessary parts yourself and bring them or have us ordering for you.

Vintage bike reconstruction

An old bike can be very important for a cyclist, no matter of its actual market value. If you have a special bicycle and think of rebuilding it, send us an email and we’ll give it a look to estimate the effort and costs. A great way of saving money is to do the job yourself at the Bike cave, assisted by a mechanic in tricky situations and using our tools.