The Team

Daniel is a mechanic extraordinaire. The 29-year old from Medellín, Colombia, moved to the Czech Republic, his father’s home country, in early 2020 to continue his engineering studies. An avid motor cyclist, he learned to maintain and repair all sorts of engines from an early age. Today, there is hardly any technical issue he cannot solve. “I was taught mechanics by people who fix a broken engine with nail clippers”, he said.

Daniel speaks Spanish and English, while still fighting with Czech.

George is a former editor for a local Prague weekly, as well as a classically trained singer. He came to Prague from Germany in the mid 90s and has since worked in journalism, on-line publishing and tourism. In 2015, he founded Transphere as a bike rental and touring agency promoting sustainable traveling and off-the-beaten-path sight seeing in Prague.

George speaks German, Czech, English, Italian, Spanish and Romanian, while still fighting with changing a tubeless tire.

Patrick is your typical all-round handy man good with mechanics, plumbing and carpentry, as well as a bee keeper, great baker and barista. Alongside Daniel and George, he is in charge of the Transphere rental points at the Bike Cave and Lesnicka 1.

Patrick is fluent in Czech, German and English, while still wondering where he put his mobile phone.